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When you visualize your dream home you likely have vivid pictures of a new lifestyle…relaxing, entertaining friends, raising a family.  It’s all in there. But how you get from the raw land and building materials to the reality of your vision is not an insignificant leap.

That’s where an expert architect and the Vanguard Design Process come in.


First we make a Comprehensive Site Review looking at your building site, topography, views, solar orientation, tree locations and other natural design elements that can be embraced by your home design.

We then work with you to create a Project Blueprint that assimilates your ideas, descriptions, photos and examples that have inspired the mental picture of all aspects of your new home.  This compilation launches us into creation of a hand-drawn, color rendering we call the Project Character Study of your new home from every angle including orientation on your site.  With your feedback the final design will begin to take shape.


From here we get right to work in advising and directing you in rounding out your Project Team Selection including your builder and interior designer if these key players have not already been selected.  Simultaneously, we begin development of your External Rendered CAD Design that includes basic floor plans, elevations, site plan, roof plan, etc. all displayed in photo-realistic renderings and animations to help you fully visualize the plan.  At this stage a preliminary budget can be analyzed and discussed with your builder.


Now our attention can turn to spaces as we create photo-realistic animations of three major interior spaces (e.g. Entry Gallery, Family Room, Kitchen area).  This Interior Animated CAD Design helps you to begin to get the full feel of what living in your home will look like – as well as opportunities throughout for you to give your input and ideas on the overall design direction.


With your approval of the design elements, the technical drawings can be developed into a Construction Drawings Package complete with dimensioned floor plans, door and window specifications, appliance and plumbing configurations, ceiling treatments, flooring materials, HVAC plan, electrical layout and all sections, elevations and elements that make up a functioning home.
Next, to ensure that all the project pieces come together for a solidly built structure, an Engineering Review is conducted with any Structural or Engineering drawings not created by Vanguard.

At last construction begins!  But Vanguard continues to stay close to your project to monitor progress and direction as needed through Construction Advisement all the way to conclusion of your final, beautifully finished project.

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